PAPress Stempelsett - Stamp bugs -

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Et kjempefint stempelsett med 25 stempel og to farger.

Settet kommer i en fin eske med et lite hefte med tips. Her er det bare å slippe fantastien løs og lage din verden med insekter, gjerne kombinert med egne tegninger.

Bumblebees, dragonflies, fireflies, ladybugs, spiders! This sturdy matchbox-style box contains twenty-five wood-backed rubber stamps in an assortment of buggy shapes and textures. A veritable kit of bug parts---heads, bodies, antennae, legs---Stamp Bugs contains everything you need to create your favorite insects or invent new ones! The combinations are infinite.

With this set of bug stamps (with separate wings, legs, and antennae parts), add a touch of whimsy to your next stamping project, whether that's stationery, gift wrap, labels, or tea towels. This boxed set of 25 stamps comes with a yellow and black ink pad and makes a charming gift for kids, nature lovers, and stamp-happy crafters.