SCANDIC GYPSY Woven boot - Nudie -

  • kr 999,00
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En kjempefin skolett i mykt geiteskinn og gummisåle.

Skoen har en praktisk glidelås på innsiden i tillegg til knyting.


2: 13,5cm ca 12-18mnd

4: 14,5cm ca 18-24mnd

6: 15,5cm ca 2,5-3 år

8: 16,5cm ca 3,5- 4år

10: 17,5cm ca 4-4, 5år

12: 18,5cm ca 5år

14: 19,5cm ca 6 år

16: 20,5cm ca 7-8 år

18: 21,5cm ca 9-10år

These heavenly Woven Boots are made of 100% Goat Leather, making them such a soft and luxurious wear for your little one's feet. Featuring an easy side zip, as well as laces, they're ideal for school or just the day-to-day. Quick and easy to put on using the side zip but also great for teaching the kids how to tie their laces when you - or teacher - have more time on your hands!